How To...

This page begins a how-to section documenting the procedures of restoring the Scorpion. This section will cover the proper technique of repairing rust.

Even though the Scorpion had spent the first two decades of its life in the arid southwest, the car still managed to develop a few localized areas of rust. This is very common for these cars, and each car will have rust in these problem zones regardless of how well the car was taken care of.

Continue reading below as we gather ther tools and supplies needed to get started repairing the localized rust hole on the bottom of the drivers door.

Tools needed:
Electric grinder
Sheetmetal snips
Vise Grip locking pliers®
Assorted metalworking tools:
  • Hammers
    1. medium ball peen
    2. body-contouring
  • chisel
  • vise
  • pliers

Supplies needed:
Sheetmetal 18ga recommended
Rust converter / inhibitor

The work begins...

rust hole in door door patch in place surface prepped for paint

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