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With $20 (US dollars) you can buy the registration key for a specified URL domain name, for example www.yoursite.com or members.site.com/yoursite. The registration key must be inserted in the regkey parameter and it unlocks all the applets for registered URL domain name. The applets will run on all the pages of the site and the new applets that will be released in future will work too. Registered applets don't display the credits message and have enabled additional parameters. You must provide the URL name (via email) and you will receive the registration key on the same day we receive payment.

If you want to buy the registration keys for more sites, these are the prices:

1 domain - $20
2 domains - $24
3 domains - $27
4 domains - $32
6 domains - $36
10 domains - $50

If you don't already know all the domain names, you can provide them afterwards.

The upgrade cost is $15 per 2 additional domains.



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